Monday, July 03, 2006 and Xerox team up on mobile advertising

Just read over at Brand Republic about Xerox targeting Blackberry users for their latest campaign. It seems that although the was viewable on Blackberries, they couldn't serve ads. That's all been fixed now and Xerox has bought the current inventory and you can click on the ad and be taken through to a landing page telling you all about the new Xerox products and solutions.

Interestingly, Xerox claims to be ahead of the curve on mobile. Richard Astley, account director at MEC Interaction, Xerox's digital agency claims "Xerox has continually used mobile devices as a way of connecting with their audience and our strategy has been paying off with great results".

Have I missed something? What other mobile campaigns has Xerox done? I did a bit of googling and couldn't find much except that Xerox sponsored CNN's mobile news service in 2004. Can anyone shed any light on that please? It's always interesting for find out what b2b companies are up to in mobile. They're off my radar a bit as I'm more focussed on b2c clients.

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