Saturday, July 01, 2006

Admob works

If you don't know what Admob is, it's a wap advertising service - works a bit like google adwords. They have global reach, you can pay a fixed price per click thru or you can bid automatically up to your top price.

Anyway, I used it for one of my clients in the last week or so and we're very pleased with the results and the conversion rate. So I'll be using it again for my clients. We'll be trialling some of the other wap advertising networks over time as well to see how they compare, but it seems to me that Admob has comprehensive global reach and is getting the conversion rates.

And if I'm allowed to (I need my client's permission to do that), I'll post more information about the results here further down the line.


  1. Anonymous7:53 am BST

    Hi Helen,

    Can you provide some background information - e.g. what category of product were you trying to sell, what volume, or anything else that's not disclosing too much of your client's info?



  2. Hi Nadav

    It's difficult for me to give any detail as I haven't been given permission by my client [yet] as this is now an ongoing project. However, I can tell you the offer was for sports related mobile content (not ringtones or wallpapers).


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