Thursday, July 20, 2006

since when did 25p = FREE?

since when did 25p = FREE?
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You'll notice the small print at the bottom of the campaign for the new Miami Vice film as seen on a poster on London Underground this morning (20/7/06)...

Text 'Miami' to 61313 for Movie info + free Miami Vice wallpaper*
*sms costs 25p + your standard network charge.

So that means, it could cost you 37p for your "free" wallpaper. Hmm. Wonder how they're getting away with that then?

Added 31 July 06

I tested the service. It's a bit rubbish. I got my wap push ok but there was no supporting SMS in case I didn't get the wap push or lost it in my inbox (which happens on some handsets - and until I connect to wap, they don't know what handset I have).

Then I got the freebie wallpaper picture on the left. Oh dear. Not well designed for mobile. You can't see what the pictures are supposed to be, you can't read the writing under the film title, and most importantly for a film promotion, the opening date isn't on there anywhere.
This is definitely a case of "let's just repurpose what we already have" rather than "let's make something that will actually work on mobile". My preference is always for the latter ;-)

Oh, and there are plenty of wallpapers for sale at £2 each, and they're just as poorly designed IMHO. There's a game too at £5. Maybe that's better. Anyone tried it?


  1. Anonymous11:48 pm BST

    That's easy. You're paying 25p for the movie info and the wallpaper is an added free bonus :)

  2. Just like Unlimited Broadband*
    *Acceptable usage policy applies

    Caveats, clauses and lies

  3. Anonymous10:36 am BST

    Well, I tried to see what the wallpapers looked like and didn't even get a bounceback or a waplink.
    If only the service or network worked...

  4. I've just tried it and got my wap push message back (there should have been a supporting SMS as well as the wap push IMHO) and had a look at the freebie wallpaper.
    You can see it here

    It's not well designed for mobile as you can't see the detail. There are also lots of other wallpapers available for £2 each! I wonder how many people will bother paying £2?

    Or if that's not your bag, then you can buy the mobile game for £5.

    Oh, and there's a bit of info about the movie, cast, crew etc.


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