Friday, August 12, 2005

And again. Same spam from DirtyHippo

It's getting err *slightly* tedious I have to say, but I have yet another spam email from Dirty Hippo (Buongiorno) this morning. And it's exactly the same as the last ones I've had. So it looks like I'm going to get this email at least twice a week for the foreseeable future. Does spamming people like this really work?!


  1. I find that my Cingular bill for this past month contains $21.95 for dirtyhippo services. I never applied to dirtyhippo for whatever it is that they (supposedly) send and Cingular says that they will stop them from billing my account, BUT ("Everything prior does not really apply!")as I research others who have been ripped off by dirtyhippo, I find that Cingular must have given these shysters permission to milk their customer.

    If I do not care for you, I simply put your e-mail address or cell (or house) number in dirtyhippo's site and wham, you begin recieving charges per week for $1.90, + $1.90, + $1.90, + $7.99, + 7.99 (ad nausium).

    I am though, a fighter and will be contacting whomever I can to upset dirtyhippo's apple cart. Hopefully, bloggs will warn others to not beleive that a free anything online is really free.

  2. Hi Lloyd
    I'm really sorry to hear about your troubles with Dirty Hippo. It seems to be very prevalent in the ringtone industry to behave this way. If it's any help, then check out Grumbletext - where you'll find a forum for naming and shaming mobile spammers and scammers and some hints and tips as to what to do about it. We're starting to see entries from the US now (although it's still predominantly UK based).
    In terms of getting hold of someone at Dirty Hippo - they're owned by Buongiorno If you don't get any joy from the US office, I'd try the head office in Italy. And keep lobbying your network operator to help you get a refund from Buongiorno. It's taken us a while in the UK, but we're getting there with some of the disreputable practices in the ringtone industry.
    Hope this helps

  3. Anonymous3:50 pm BST

    thankfully I havent got onto their list as yet - Im' just stuck with MyOffers based emails which seems to also be impossible to extracate myself from :(

    you would think it would be eay to report and close down companies like this...

  4. I understand that to unsubscribe from MyOffers that you need to email them with your name, email address and/or mobile number and then they'll remove you from the list. The email address to use is Unsub(at)MyOffers(dot)co(dot)uk
    Hope this helps

  5. Anonymous1:35 pm BST

    worth another try!

  6. Anonymous6:13 pm BST

    Dirty Hippo is getting sleazier than you think. On 8/25/05 I got an unsolicited text messege on my cell phone, welcoming me to DirtyHippo. I clicked "unsubscribe." I got another saying, "Are You sure?" I clicked "Unsubscribe." I got another message. I contacted their website and told them to leave me alone. My cell phoneprovider told me to contact them when I was billed and they would remove the charges, which amounted to 60 cents.

    Got my bill. Not only is there 60 cents, plus another $9.95 for a download. I have a basic phone that can't use ringtones, internet, or wallpaper.

    I filed a compaint with Federal Trade Commission, Do not Call Registry, and Federal Communications Commission.

    Now, I discovered that Buongiorno has accessed my website. If I should experience a denial of service, I will know where it came from.

    Nice People.



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