Friday, August 26, 2005

Kasabian Rocks

Or rather, Deirdre Molloy (pictured here with her free Kasabian t-shirt) and I rock as we went to the free Kasabian gig last night. I'm on the T-Mobile Street Gigs text list and I got a text message yesterday saying to reply if I wanted to see Kasabian that night. And of course I texted back straight away and got my SMS invite. All we had to do was show up at 93 Feet East at 6pm and show the message and we were in.
There were a couple of hundred people there I reckon, maybe more. And because I'm short, I didn't get any decent pictures of the band (hence all the head shots on my technokitten flickr and moblog pages). But it was a good gig anyway although the bass sound wasn't great, and I didn't know many of the tracks (well I recognised one track so maybe I'm hipper than I thought). And Deirdre and I managed to grab a couple of free Kasabian t-shirts at the end of the gig. And then our pal Sarah turned up and we had beers and a curry as is obligatory in Brick Lane.

In terms of marketing, there was t-mobile branding around, and we had lanyards where there's a special offer to get a free bluetooth headset when you get a D750i on an 18 month contract. And there was a kodak print machine where it looked like you could take a picture and get it printed straight away. However, I didn't get close enough to see it or how it worked.

I did see Bjork on my way there but couldn't get my camera switched on quickly enough to capture it so my nieces will never believe me!

All in all pretty good preparation for the Electric Picnic and a good example of mobile marketing and marketing mobile. Oh, and a bit of celebrity spotting too.

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