Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Java app to upload full resolution pictures over the air

I just spotted this news piece over at 160 Characters which tells us about a new product offering from the whizzes at Cognima. It sounds pretty impressive - a java application which you can download to your phone which will allow you to transmit your photos, at the resolution they were taken, to an online storage website or blog (so like a flickr, moblog etc). Originally built for Symbian and smartphones, they've managed to get the java version working. No mean feat knowing how restrictive the java environment is. And it seems to work silently in the background whilst you are doing your normal mobile phone stuff like talking and texting, so even better, it shouldn't slow you down.

The product means great news for mobile network operators as it gives them a chance to drive data revenues from users. Hopefully it means a seamless user experience for customers too. I wonder how much it will cost though - cheaper than sending a MMS or email from your phone to your blog? And will customers change from what they're doing already with their moblogs (which are already incredibly popular)? Especially when it's free to bluetooth your pics to your 'puter and then upload them for free via the internet or email and you get to keep the resolution.

Admittedly, there may be some instances where you want that immediate hit, but that will be quite low down the list to a cost conscious consumer who is already being bombarded with adverts and messages to spend more cash on their mobile phone. Or will it? Maybe I'm being overly cynical on this one and that this is a killer app?

Also, can Cognima do anything about current GPRS data transfer reliability as the network operators don't seem to be able to?! Doubt it, but it made me feel better to ask the question as I'm currently unable to click through to simple wap push links on my T-Mobile K700i. d'oh!

Comments anyone?

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