Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My new wellingtons

have just arrived via ebay (how I love ebay!). I'll be taking these to the Electric Picnic and judging by the rain today, I'll probably need them too!


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm BST

    this is all very well, but when are you going to inaugurate the Honorary Wellie Wearing Ladies Society of London (HWWeLS - London chapter)? so we can meet up to compare styles?

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm BST

    PS. these American timings on Blogger ARE A PAIN!

  3. aha, the HWWLS - London Chapter. Good plan. I can think of a couple of founder members for it ;)

  4. Anonymous1:13 am BST

    the weather's moving in HWWeLS favour now...
    [furtive glance @ wellies in anticipation]


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