Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Geek Girl Dinner Podcasts now available

on Lloyd's blog over at Perfect Path. So if you were there and want to hear the sound of your own voice, or catch up on conversations that you missed or just want to find out what we were up to that night, then feel free to download the podcasts from Perfect Path and listen at your leisure.

The evening was a great success so well done to Sarah for organising it and to Hugh of Gaping Void fame for lending us his wiki. I caught up with some old friends (Lloyd, Deirdre, Jemima) and made some new ones (Maria, Emma, Keni, Suzanne, Sarah and flatmate). I did end up talking about mobile mind you courtesy of Keni who is a Microsoft/SPV enthusiast (understatement) and Suzanne (who works for Nokia). But that's ok and to be expected when you end up on a table crammed with mobilistas. Wine was provided courtesy of Stormhoek and the pinot grigio didn't taste half bad.

Keni, was blogcast the word you were looking for to replace podcast?


  1. ahh, but here's to Mobilista-ism. It was wonderful to meet you.

  2. Anonymous6:00 pm BST

    Blogcast it was :)



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