Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Seth Godin comes to town

Despite having just got back from Cornbury and it was a really really hot day, I headed off into town to go to the Seth Godin Marketing Soiree at The Texas Embassy by Trafalgar Square. About a hundred or so people turned up including a few folks I know - Lloyd Davis, Robert Loch and Paul Birch, Deirdre Molloy and my festi pal, Sarah Williamson. And I met some new people too. So there was a real buzz about the place.

We went through to the dining area and helped ourselves to some dinner (more fajitas) and sat ourselves down and Seth started talking. He was a very engaging speaker and had some pertinent things to say about how marketing is dead and long live marketing. Rather than me explain it all here, I suggest you check out the podcasts yourself and read his new book - All Marketers are Liars and check out Seth's blog.

Interestingly, even though there were a lot of women at the event, no female asked a question. Maybe it was due to the fact that if you asked a question, you had to ask it wearing a long liar's nose. Now that nose (as modelled here by Robert Loch) just wouldn't go with my outfit I'm afraid.

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  1. Nice write up. I think it's really interesting that we were all so accepting of this nose thing - ie that it was preferable to the women in the audience to not ask a question at all than to ask a question but defy the nose rule and that for the men, not even putting on a stupid nose and looking a right plonker was going to stop them from sharing their brilliant wisdom with the rest of the room.


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