Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New website promises to help consumers fight rising tide of mobile spam

According to Brand Republic Pocket Reach Solutions have come up with a new way of combating mobile spam. Unfortunately, I've looked at the service and I don't see any difference between this and say something like My Offers which is all 'permission based' and they send you emails and text messages according to your preferences. However, even experienced permission based marketers get it wrong as I blogged a few days ago here.

Russell Buckley, over at MobHappy, goes into some detail as to the flaws in Pocket Reach Solutions' proposition so I won't repeat it here. And also has some good ideas as to how that kind of service could work.

As for the claim to fight rising tide of mobile spam, I think Grumbletext wins hands down on that score. For those of you who don't know, Grumbletext is a website I set up a couple of years back with Adrian Harris to help customers fight the spectre of junk text messaging as well as scams on mobile. I'm pleased to say the site has gone from strength to strength and Adrian is doing a fine job maintaining it. Two years on, the site now has support from ICSTIS and the network operators so we are making progress.

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