Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Orgasmatones have launched

My pal Alfie, who runs the fabulous MoblogUK, has just set up Orgasmatones.com where you can download a personalised orgasmic ringtone. They've started with the 500 most popular male names (based on UK census data circa 1987), and depending on the success of this project will be rolling out girls names next, followed by regionalised variations. An example (in MP3 format) can be found here. Enjoy!


  1. cute idea, but it sucks that you can't actually hear a preview on the site. The speaker icon and shopping cart icon both go to the order page.

    Anyway, personally I get this sort of thing from women every time I walk down Oxford Street so I don't need it on my phone as well ;-)

  2. Anonymous6:08 pm BST


    Try using IE - we're shouting at the website peeps now about why it doesn;t run in Firefox.

  3. Use IE or continue to miss out on hearing someone shouting my name in ecstacy. Oh the moral turmoil ;-)

    Thanks for the tip Ewan


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