Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8

At the risk of being dull, I felt I had to add something on the record about Live 8. I watched almost all of the UK concert either on TV or on the internet. It wasn't nearly as much fun as Live Aid, when I was a teenager and as my parents were on holiday, I hosted a fab party, even if I say so myself - still talked about 20 years later. But it was enjoyable nevertheless. Best bits for me - Richard Ashcroft singing Bittersweet Symphony, Keane (didn't realise quite how much I liked them, might even stretch to buying the album now), Madonna, U2, Macca, Robbie Williams asking Fearne Cotton out for a date on live TV, Jo Whiley just being brilliant as always, and of course Robbie Williams' performance - he was magnificent.

I think it is also impressive that more than 26 million people from around the world sent text
messages on Saturday in support of the Live8 campaign to cancel the debts of the poorest countries, setting a world record, organisers said. Thanks to 160 Characters for the news.

I wonder what will happen on Wednesday at G8?

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