Monday, October 04, 2010

More mobile news on a Monday morning

I’ve been saving links galore and keeping browser tabs open for weeks now with a view to sharing them or blogging them at some point so here are my Top 3 for the day.

Tech Media Invest 100 – the 2010 list

The companies listed have been picked for their innovation and creativity over the past year in areas as diverse as flirting services, games and music recognition. There are some great companies in there – many of whom I know from the mobile world already like Shazam, Rummble, Flirtomatic, Mippin and Jeego. But there are many others on the list I don’t know and most definitely warrant further investigation. Winners will be announced at the Tech Media Invest 2010 event on 18 October and will receive free legal advice from Kemp Little (who also kindly support Mobile Monday London) and free financial consulting advice from PwC. Enjoy!

Music and mobile

Another one from The Guardian, this article is about the art of building an album as a mobile application from musician, Oliver Blank. It’s an interesting insight into an artist and their take on how to use digital technology, including mobile apps and be creative with it, but also be commercial. Sharing is high on Oliver’s list and he trusts his listeners to pay for his music if they really like it. Well worth a read for some forward thinking in both apps and music.

Common sense advice for  experienced and wannabe mobile marketers

Mobile Marketing Magazine editor, David Murphy, has written up a really good article about best practice tips he learned at the recent MobileSquared Roadshow (which I couldn’t attend due to illness). In the article, David shares an in-depth case study about student recruitment for the University of Hertfordshire (I like to think that maybe my lectures there about mobile marketing a few years back helped this along a bit ;) ). But not only that, David also shares InMobi’s, James Lamberti’s, presentation dispelling some myths and common mis-assumptions about mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile is just like the desktop
  2. Can we talk about what’s new?
  3. Do you offer hyper-targeting?
  4. Where are your best practices?
  5. Consumers are not ready
  6. No thanks, I prefer to wait

Rather than diving deep here, I’m going to let you read David’s article instead.

And I also recommend you take a look at the latest issue of Mobile Marketing Magazine’s print and digital edition – a really good read.