Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HP viral video campaign – Be the Star - is pretty neat

HP Be A Star

OK, I know this one isn’t mobile at all, but I still like the idea of using personalised video as part of a marketing campaign, and I think Hewlett Packard does this one pretty well. I’m not a big fan of online video – I don’t usually have the patience for it, but I like this one. They’re not promising that they’ll make any of us rich or famous, but they do show us what it might feel like to be in the paparazzi limelight by including your image in a video segment – you can see mine below. And it does this on the fly, and adjusts headlines and copy too. It’s not the first time this has been done (check out my post from 2007 explaining the Get The Message campaign) but it still delights and it is done very well.

So if you fancy giving it a go, then click here to create your own video (this takes you to the facebook app). It's really easy, you can either upload one of your own jpg's from your computer (although I had to rename my photo as the file name had spaces in it and/or was too long) or connect with your facebook account. If you upload your own picture, it asks a few basic questions. If you connect with facebook, it knows the answers to those questions already. And once you've done that, please share it with me by sending me the relevant bit.ly link - either by adding it as a comment below or tweet it to me or email me. I'm curious to know how far-reaching campaigns like this really are.

There's also a facebook group if you're that way inclined too.

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