Monday, October 04, 2010

Sustainability in the 21st Century… some food for thought

My twitter pal, Dan Thomas posted this picture the other day on twitter.

In case you’re looking at this from a small screen, it says ‘Approx 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year in the UK. Only a 1/4 of this is recycled’.

Then I read another tweet that ‘25% of books are never sold and 60% of magazines are never read’. And that means a lot of books and magazines are pulped.

Next I stumbled across Monty Munford’s recent article for The Telegraph on the rubbish that India has to deal with.

So you might assume that maybe going digital is a good thing as it means less waste…. And then I saw this tweet from James Cridland:

"Spotify uses the same amount of bandwidth as all of Sweden has combined; and that's to cover only 7 million people." #radiodays

Hmm. Something to think about. Well, it made me stop and think at least. Maybe you too.