Thursday, March 22, 2007

A few links for you

First off, the podcast/videocast of the last MoMo London event is now live courtesy of Clarity Partners. It was a demo night so there are lots of short demos and right at the very end, Roving Reporter Keegan interviews some of the audience to get their reaction. I think I'm right up there with Bridget Jones' roving reporter skills!

Today I was on a panel for the Guardian's Changing Media Summit which was really interesting. I was ably accompanied by Justin Davies from NinetyTen (makers of Buddyping), Tom Hume from Future Platforms and Andrew Scott from Playtxt. In the Jeremy Paxman role was Mike Butcher of Vecosys and he also blogs about the event here. I'm pleased to say that we didn't use powerpoint (good thing) but the session seemed to absolutely whizz by without covering topics in enough depth so I left feeling I could have said a lot more (well, we all did actually). Jemima Kiss has blogged about our session over at the Guardian and I believe the event was filmed so if those films ever make it into the wild, I'll let you know. There are good write-ups of all the sessions in the Greenslade section of the Guardian website. Go see what you missed.

I just stumbled across this directory of web 2.0 services including a section on mobile. Might be worth checking out and adding to it if you know of a service that should be up there. There are certainly some interesting links up there.

And well done to Alfie, JC and Ben at Moblog for their Channel 4 deal for 'The Big Art Mob'. It's a really interesting project whereby anyone can send in pictures from their mobile of 'art' in their area, whether that's graffiti or statue or whatever. And they're using location tagging to create a map of where the art can be seen. Looks pretty cool to me. Go check out the Vecosys sneak preview of it. This follows hot on the heels of Moblog's support for the recent Red Nose Day.

I know there's more to write about - I have a backlog as long as your arm, but being busy on client stuff, sorting out the next WiMD (28th March) and Swedish Beers events (11th April), still suffering from a post-3GSM lurgy and generally trying to live life has meant I haven't been as giving as usual on the blog front. I will try to do better in the coming weeks!

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