Tuesday, March 20, 2007

As if one event's not enough... Swedish Beers next event is Thursday 5th April

*please note date change to Wednesday 11th April*

We had such a blast in Barcelona (courtesy of MyStrands and Colibria) that we thought it was about time we got together againfor the fun that is Swedish Beers in London at our usual haunt, the Nordic Bar, London W1. A sponsor for the bar is yet to be confirmed (anyone want to volunteer?) but the usual rules apply.. i.e. no powerpoint, no speeches, just mingling and networking with friendly people like you who are also interested in things mobile. We attract all sorts from within and without the mobile industry, which makes it interesting. You can read about our past events over at the Swedish Beers blog.

So the date for the diary for Swedish Beers Mobile Networking is Thursday 5th April - that's the day most of us break up for Easter Wednesday 11th April (so it's *after* Easter) and the proceedings will kick off from 6pm.

Our event sponsor will be the wonderful Tanla Mobile so the first few beers will be on them.


Steve, Seth and Helen


  1. I'm quite tempted to pop along y'know... be nice to meet some mobile bods that don't work for Refresh Mobile!


    Is it an open invite?

  2. Hello Whatley! You should pop along - it will be lovely to see you. And yes, it's an open invite. The only criteria is to have at least a passing interest in mobile otherwise you might be a bit bored. But I think you probably qualify ;)

  3. Wicked!

    I've just whacked in my Calendar - so I'll see you there!
    Probably try and drag along a few other Mobiziners too... but we'll see!
    I was originally trying to get the Barcalona one but alas I was unable to make it to 3GSM, let alone Swedish Beers!
    Cool - cheers mate - see you then.

    BTW - might as well drop in a blatant plug while I'm here!

    Have you seen this:


    We've gone blogger!

  4. Anonymous3:46 pm BST

    If the famous Whatley has been booked as a keynote speaker it might be interesting. I am up for it


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