Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The effects of online advertising... ads are putting people off visiting a website

Ok, so it's not mobile, but it is related since we are now beginning to join the world of ad-funded content in mobile with the success of Admob and the likes of Greystripe's in-mobile-game advertising. The article linked to here describes an experiment in online advertising to see how much it affected people's likelihood to return to a site.
...Our findings suggest that advertisements do have significant effects on retention of the site. Also, advertising content that is non-congruent with the site's content seems to lead to greater effort in reconciling the differing content, and ultimately greater memory of both the Web site and the advertisement.

Intrusiveness is also important for both Web site designers and advertisers. Pop-ups and pop-unders seem to be more intrusive than in-line ads, implying that users should not be interrupted from their online tasks to close the extraneous windows....
This probably isn't news for those of us who hate pop-ups and pop-unders but having 'scientific' evidence is a step forward to drumming it home that you need congruence between the publisher, the style of ad and the product or service being advertised.

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