Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quite a mobile week..

Phew, it's been a week for parties and socialising as well as doing the day job! Tuesday's Swedish Beers 5th Birthday Party was a rip-roaring success (thank you Bango!). NMK's Beers and Innovations earlier that evening was also fabulous. The Mobile Mixer on Wednesday was busy by all accounts. The techcrunch UK launch party on Thursday was lots of fun (thank you Olswang) and I expect the Geekdinner I missed last night was also wonderful.

Hopefully will be back to normal levels of blogging shortly once I've caught up with everything!


  1. I remember my time at one of Berlin's hippest agencies...

    Don't party too hard, lady! ;o)

    Have a good day every day,

    Norman's Internet Marketing for Fun

  2. Thanks Norman! I probably did party a bit too hard last week, but once in a blue moon is ok I reckon.


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