Thursday, October 26, 2006

A bit of fun

Your Brain's Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm BST

    Hi Helen, I noticed that it takes a positive bias regardless of what you click on ... I couldnt find any there that say 'You are a mess, you stress easily and fall to pieces when the going gets tough' ... perhaps we need to create an anti-brain pattern ... possibly to reflect how people feel on monday mornings??? :)


  2. Hey you,

    this is a very interest site!
    I come from germany and sale Bernstein
    I will visit these Blog soon again to look all the news.

  3. you have a point Alex! I could definitely have done with a different yesterday morning ;)


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