Thursday, October 05, 2006

NMK does it again

Had a fab time at the NMK event earlier this week 'New Directions in Mobile'. A great turn out, with a lively audience with lots of questions and discussions which is how I like it. Ewan's written up a summary of Alfie's session and I'll be writing up some notes too from my session (by popular request!). I expect Deirdre will do the full write-up in due course.

In the meantime, I've booked to attend 'My So-Called Second Life' on 24 October also run by NMK. Virtual reality and massively multi-player games are on my radar but I've never really got into it but I know it's huge. I've spoken to a few folks about their love for Second Life and I find it fascinating but until I upgrade my computer, I won't be venturing there (my hard drive and processor just won't cope with the software and I don't want to kill the damn thing!). I'm also really interested in the learning angle of Second Life and virtual communities (there are seminars and classes streamed into SL) and also the commercial opportunities (like Adidas setting up their own island recently). So this is a good chance for me to really check it out and get the lowdown.

Anyone fancy joining me? Tickets are a very reasonable £80 (or a bargain £50 for freelancers) for an afternoon of information, discussion and debate. Oh, and I expect there'll be some networking thrown in.

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