Monday, June 18, 2007

The Road to Glastonbury

Funky wellingtons
is getting ever nearer and I'll be heading off later this week with some of my mates, a trusty tent, a pair of wellies, a cosy sleeping bag and a smile to spend a few days enjoying life, love and music in a field in a farm in Somerset. Let's hope my stuff doesn't get nicked and my tent doesn't leak!

So for those of you who *are* heading to Glastonbury, some bright spark has done an excellent job of timetabling all the acts with a so-called Glasto Clashfinder so you can see at a glance who's on where at what time so you can argue with your mates as to which band you're going to see.

The weather report was looking ok-ish yesterday with showers and sunshine forecast but I've just refreshed and Metcheck's report is now not looking good at all with heavy rainfall predicted. So there's going to be mud and I'm going to need wellies and a waterproof jacket and patience.

And although I've invested in spare batteries for my phone, I doubt I'll be using it much beyond the usual texting and calling to find out where Sarah is to try and rendezvous with her. It's unlikely I'll be using it for blogging purposes as I have a feeling my mind will be on things other than mobile marketing and media, not least trying not to fall over in the mud!

So this does mean that the little burst of blogging today and in the next day or two might be all you get for a week or two whilst I play at being a hippy in the rain.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 pm BST

    oh man it's wellie time again. are we gonna have a competition? not over the weather of course ;-)

    hope lost vagueness is goodsome. xx


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