Friday, June 29, 2007

Motorola Wirebreakers campaign launches

Lee from Cake (who by the sounds of it is also suffering a post-glasto-meltdown this week) had just let me know about the latest viral video campaign, Wirebreakers, from Motorola to promote their new stereo Bluetooth product, The MOTOROKR S9 wireless headsets. I already know, anecdotally from my niece, that the Motorola KRAZR phone has better sound quality than her ipod so I'm hopeful that this product also rocks (or should that be RKS in hellomoto vernacular?).

The videos show a fictional dance crew, The Wirebreakers, encouraging members of the public to join them in random dancing in public places like the golf course, the shopping mall or a squash court. There's an example of one of the videos above.

The campaign is aimed at a younger demographic and focuses on strengthening Motorola's link with music. Does it work for you? Answers on a text message...

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  1. Anonymous2:20 am BST

    I think this was a very clever campaign. I didn't even realize they weren't real until they plug the headphones. It was as tricky as that papa johns spoiled girl thing but this actually was relevant to the product. I plan on going out and buying one of these asap.


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