Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glastonbury Festival goes mobile

With Auntie Beeb. Great stuff - must check that out. And they ask you to type in one of the longest wap URLs you can imagine: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/radio/glastonbury2007/

Why did they do that then? It's fiddly enough to type in when you're sober, dry and mud-free. But imagine drunken, muddy, damp festi-goer trying to remember the URL and then even better, trying to tell a pal what to type in, or to text it to them to check it out. I imagine hilarity or frustration or both will ensue. I guess http://m.bbc.co.uk/glasto would be too simple or more likely, just doesn't fit in with their page naming convention.

Anyway, in true mobilist fashion, I will check out the site over the weekend and see how it shapes up.

And for those of you not coming to Mudbury, I mean Glastonbury, you can join the Glastonbury Text Club and get free alerts via text message of the latest news and updates of BBC coverage straight to your phone. Just text GLASTO to 83111. All messages are free to receive, but do check the terms and conditions anyway.

Oh, and if you're interested, the weather forecast hasn't changed much but I haven't given up hope yet.


  1. Anonymous3:10 am BST

    As someone who uses the BBC mobile a fair bit, it's not quite as bad. Type in bbc.co.uk on your mobile and just follow the links. It automatically takes you to a mobile version and it's easy to get places in their site.http

  2. It's a pity you couldn't use those SMS messages to find available Glasto tickets. Well - too late now! :)



  3. Anonymous12:35 am BST

    I need wireless data collection tool, it needs to have a form that can support drop down menus, check boxes, support GPS, maybe bar coding and photo capture. Does anyone know of a product or service that can support wireless data collection like this?

  4. @rachel
    On site, the BBC site was only good for the weather report as to *how* rainy it was going to be. The rest of it was out of date. Now had it had the 'confirmed' rumours of different secret gigs around the place, that would have made it much more useful

    I'm not going to complain about the ticketing system because I managed to get a ticket!

    @ronald condo
    You'll need to be more specific as to who's going to use this and where, how often, how many, what data needs to be stored etc etc. If you're looking for a stock control system, then yes, I'm 99% certain those systems already exist using GPRS and/or wi-fi to transmit. Anything else, you'd need to give me more info.

  5. Anonymous7:42 am BST

    Well, we've written a guide to show people exactly how the ticketing and booking system works after those complaints. So there's no excuses why anyone can't get one of the thousands of tickets that are now available. We got tickets over the last 24 hours and want all you Glastonbury virgins there!


  6. Hello - Funny enough in one of my 1st acts I have asked that m.bbc.co.uk be redirected to our site.



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