Monday, January 29, 2007

Mobile Data usage is up in the UK

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) has just released it's figures for Q4 2006 and they're impressive. In the final quarter of last year, a total of 45.6m users were recorded as having used their phones for downloads and browsing the mobile internet and this averages about 15m each month up from 13m in the previous quarter. December boasts the highest average with 15.9m during that month - I wonder if getting a new handset at Christmas had anything to do with it - I expect so. And the trend is on the up so it looks like 2007 will be a year for mobile internet.

The MDA has lots of useful information about phones and the mobile internet so it's worth checking out. If you're after some help to set up your mobile phone for wap or mobile internet, then go here. And if you're after some useful or entertaining wap sites to view on your handset, then you could do worse than checking this list out.

Don't forget to watch your data charges though and if you're planning to use data services, then it's worth changing to t-mobile's web 'n walk or Three's x-series to avoid billshock.

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