Friday, January 12, 2007

Honey I'm home

Apologies for the blogging silence, technology woes have got the better of me pre and post the holiday period and I'm only just recovering with the arrival of my shiny new laptop. Of course I'm now going through the hell of setting everything up again and transferring data to the new system. But I'm nearly there now so I'll be blogging again now.

So what's been happening in my mobile world...

I celebrated Christmas with Women in Mobile Data (feels like a lifetime ago) at our annual Christmas Lunch at the Sloane Club.

I'm currently planning my trip to Barcelona (what a wonderful city) to 3GSM for next month and wondering if it's worth investing in a roam4free sim card but it's not clear what the data charges may or may not be or whether it supports data. Also has anyone got any cheap/reduced expo passes by any chance for 3GSM? I'm in need of a couple. And anyone want to meet up whilst we're out there - it would be great to meet some fellow mobilists who I wouldn't normally get chance to meet in Blighty? We'll be running a Swedish Beers event on Tuesday 13th February too - watch out for more details coming soon but do put the date in your diary.

I have done and am about to do quite a few training sessions for the IDM, e-consultancy and the University of Westminster.

I've been on the receiving end of more sms marketing efforts from Lakeside - seems they haven't learnt any lessons and are still doing the same old same old.

I've signed up to the Club t-zones from T-mobile as run by Buongiorno and it's a bit rubbish. A joined up out of curiosity (it's free) in January and they were still touting Christmas ringtones. Either they're very early for Christmas 2007 or no-one updated the club for new content after Christmas. A missed opportunity surely to reach those new handset owners and those trying wap and downloading content for the first time.

I've worked out how to use MSN on my phone. It's clunky, it's slow, but good for emergencies! Ditto gmail. Although gmail is quite a bit faster than MSN. It's very dull typing using the phone's keypad though after a few minutes.

I have yet to work out how the 'top scorer's' system works on Mobizines fab free daily Sudoku. I haven't been appearing as often as I think I should have...

Someone has a crush on me it seems. Feeling very flattered!

And I'm underwhelmed (as others are too) by the hype around Apple's iphone.

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  1. Anonymous1:40 pm GMT

    Probably because you are crushable!
    Crickeely yours ;-)


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