Monday, January 29, 2007

Make your Mark with a Tenner

Ok, so this is off-topic as it's not about mobile marketing or media, but I still think it's worth mentioning especially as Ewan from smstextnews is involved and I got a lovely email from Oli Barrett to tell me all about the 'Make your Mark with a Tenner initiative.

Starting today, 10k young people across the UK will get a tenner and one month to see what they can achieve with it. Over 110 schools are taking part and participants can work alone or in groups. There are awards for those who make the most money and also who has the greatest social impact.

There is a blog to keep up with progress (although there's nothing there yet) and of course the main site where you can read all about it. I think this is a really interesting one to watch and should be more engaging and more accessible than programs like the Princes Trust (which has its place but is a *lot* of work for those involved) so I wish all the participants and sponsors the best of luck and hope it's a huge success.

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