Friday, January 12, 2007

Five things tag..

Thank you to Tomi and Tom and Sheila for tagging me. I've already posted this on the Oxford Forum but am reposting here.

1. I have two nicknames - the first is technokitten, given to me by a friend who thought I was the least unlikely of our gang to get their heads round using computers back in 1994 - he thought I'd become a right technokitten - it stuck, and I now use it as a moniker for this blog and my digital life generally; the second is raindrop which is my brownie name as I run a brownie pack in Tooting on Wednesday nights;

2. I made a record in 1982 (as part of my school choir) to celebrate Pope John Paul II's visit to the UK. We got to sing it on telly and also, more importantly, on the podium, with the Pope when he said Mass at Coventry Airport.

3. I have something in common with Madonna - we were both directed by Laurence Boswell - me back in the 80s at the Swan Theatre in Worcester where I played The Queen of Spain in Fuenteovejuna (which also starred Rufus Norris who's now a hotshot West End Director most recently directing Cabaret), and Madonna in Up for Grabs at the Albemarle.

4. I enjoy needlework and dressmaking when I'm not painting the town red, listening to music, going to the Electric Picnic in Ireland, mooching on the internet (also known as shopping on ebay), buying shoes or watching TV!

5. Some of you may already know that I run Swedish Beers with Steve Flaherty but you may not know that I'm also a founder member of the Women in Mobile Data Association (if you're interested in knowing more about that, contact me as the site's very out of date). And I've been messing around with mobile marketing and media since 2000 when I worked with Russell Buckley at ZagMe, but that's a whole other story.

6. In case you already knew number 5, here's an extra one.. I already have my ticket booked for the Electric Picnic in September :) Thank you Sarah!

As for tagging other people

Rudy de Waele, Ewan MacLeod, Russell Buckley, Jan Kuczynski and Deirdre Molloy

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