Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Top tips of the day [warning - nothing to read in this post about mobile!]

If you have a decision to make, and just can't decide, then move at least 30 things and then come back to the decision and it will be much easier to make.

I'm guessing that in moving at least 30 things, you're creating a different energy which aids the decision making process, clears your head and probably means you get a tidy desk and/or the washing up gets done at the same time.

It's a Feng Shui thing courtesy of my wise Chinese/American friend Margaret who also treated me to a wonderful Thai veg feast earlier tonight.

And my tip of the day is to do the yoga Lion Pose (aka Simhasana - see picture right) if you have a sore throat of any kind. Even if you're in bed and can't be bothered to do the kneeling bit, just sticking out your tongue and stretching really works (well it worked for me last week and my niece swears by it). Don't do it in a crowded place though otherwise people might think you're weird ;-)

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