Thursday, February 23, 2006

Operator's Greed puts creativity at risk

Victor Keegan (no relation) has written an interesting piece in today's Media Guardian about how the mobile network operators are hampering creativity within the mobile space (thanks to Deirdre for the link to the article).

I totally agree that data charges are reprehensible. As an example, I downloaded a 'free' video clip of Prince of Persia from an advert on the tv a couple of months back (you know the kind of thing 'text xyz to 12345 and get blah blah blah'. Well I tried it and it was pretty good - nice wapsite, quick download of the video etc. However, what I had no idea of was what the data charges would be. It seems, that if I was on Orange pay as you go, then the 460kb clip I downloaded would have cost me £9.20. Yes, you read that right dear reader... NINE POUNDS AND TWENTY PENCE or USD 16 or Euro 13.5. Hmm. Now, that's expensive for something that's *free*.

Anyway, the article is well worth a read, as is his previous article on 3G charging.


  1. Anonymous12:04 am GMT

    That's disgusting! I wonder how much profit they'd make from that £9.20? And yes, those prices will definitely have a detrimental effect on the use of mobiles in marketing.

    Mobile phone companies have long been accused of over-pricing and it's no wonder!

  2. yup, it surely is. I think those prices will have an effect on using mobiles for anything but talking and texting. Therein lies the problem. Roll on bundled pricing with one fixed price a month like we have with broadband....

  3. Anonymous4:09 am GMT

    Helen, When do we get to see #3 through #20 of the What is mobile marketing?

  4. Anonymous12:06 pm GMT

    The real shame being that UK networks are starting to offer the content provider the ability to buy bandwidth wholesale, i.e. prepay for bulk bandwidth, so that the consumer pays nothing for the download.

    While this is better for the consumer, it still suggests the networks are milking data charges for all they can get, just not preparing to drop the charges across the board. It's the network's cash cow.

  5. Part 3 of 20 coming next week closely followed by part 4.

    Yes, I believe the network operators are milking data charges.

    Thanks all for your comments!


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