Friday, February 03, 2006

Is the BBC's 'Just the Two of Us' going to be using LBS?

I just spotted this article over at Brand Republic. It seems auntie has come up with a sister formula to Strictly Come Dancing and it's called Just the Two of Us (BBC press release here). A celebrity is teamed up with a professional singer (including Rick Astley pictured left) and each pair fights it out to win the public vote.

But there's a twist in the tale. The couple who comes in next from bottom will have to hit the campaign trail the following week in the region where they got the least votes. So does this mean that the BBC is capturing postcode data, just analysing landline caller line IDs (which won't be terribly accurate as it won't include mobile data) or is it using LBS*? And if it's using LBS, I wonder how they're going to get round the privacy issues related to that. Hmm. I guess, I'll need to tune in and vote to find out unless any of my readers can shed any light?

*LBS - location based services, i.e. where the location of your phone is noted and shared with a third party

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