Monday, February 20, 2006

Rappers lead campaign urging young Londoners to vote - BR Bulletin - Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR news by Email - Brand Republic

Rappers lead campaign urging young Londoners to vote -
This is all very well - they've got a song and a message aimed at young urban Londoners to get them to register their vote. There's a website 1824collective where you can download the campaign song (created by current artists) and information on how to register and vote. They even have the start of a mobile strategy.. you can text in to register your vote.

Bearing in mind this is a marketing campaign. Bearing in mind this is about inclusivity. Bearing in mind this is aimed at hard to reach 18 to 24 y/os, who may or may not have much money. Why, oh why, did anyone think it was a good idea to charge people 10p + their standard charge on a shortcode for the privilege of registering their vote? Ok, so it's not much money but it's the prinicple behind it that sucks. Maybe if they'd said it was 10p but you'd get the free ringtone by return it would have been better.

And if they were serious about a mobile strategy, why didn't they also have a ringtone of the song as a free download anyway? Isn't it more powerful getting several thousand teenagers using the same ringtone (so that everyone around them can hear) to express their feelings about being part of the 1824collective than downloading it for free and listening to it on their ipods by themselves?

ho hum. Some people just don't get this mobile thingummyjig.

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