Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Links & food for thought from August

A tweet got me thinking… ‘Are we paying more attention to recharging our devices rather than our relationships’. Hmm. That gave me food for thought all right as I sit here looking at half a dozen devices strewn on my desk.

paying more attention to devices than relationships

New software predicts crime before it happens. Yup, it’s Minority Report for real. How do they do that?! via Russell Buckley

China has 929.84 million mobile subscribers, adding over 70 million subscribers in the first 7 months of the year – so that’s like 10m new subscribers a month. WOW!

Domino’s pizza is making money with its iPhone and iPad apps to the tune of £10m in sales in 8 months. Not to be sniffed at. Read more here

Fancy a freebie? Into mobile design? Then you might be interested in downloading Brian Fling’s book ‘Mobile Design and Development’. You can read it for free online or pay for a hard copy or kindle version. It was written back in 2008 but most of the principles stand the test of time. [Isn’t it amazing to think that 3 years is a long time in mobile technology?]

The Economist talks about the market for tablets. Worth a read. via Belen Pena

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