Tuesday, August 02, 2011

What I’ve been looking at today

Listen in to a real 10 year old girl talk about her real phone (in this case, the HTC Cha Cha) and how she uses it in real life. This is what I call consumer insight. http://soundcloud.com/salimfadhley/lilly-reviews-the-htc-chacha [via Ladygeek]

Smartphone and tablet stats – what’s really going on. A round-up by Stuart Dredge in The Guardian. Worth a read to get to grips with what the analysts are predicting.


I spotted this graph tweeted by @millsustwo showing their app sales for the last two weeks in July this year. The reason for sharing this is because UsTwo is regarded as a successful mobile app studio in London yet their sales figures from this image are somewhat mediocre and that is not a word I associate with the work coming out of UsTwo. Is this now the reality for iPhone apps? Is the gold rush over? Is this a reality check? Is it any different on any other platforms.

we are very successful app developers :S on Twitpic

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