Monday, February 08, 2010

Women in Mobile Data Association informal lunch in Barcelona

Update: Venue is confirmed!

It's that time of year again and Barcelona and a bit of sunshine beckons us to the spectacle that is Mobile World Congress. And I know there'll be quite a few of ladies there. So I’m organising an informal lunch on Tuesday 16th February for the Women in Mobile Data Association. The restaurant, Aranega, is a short walk from Congress (less than 10 minutes) on Avenida Paral-lel and thanks to our fantastic sponsor, HipLogic, there'll be tapas and refreshments for everyone. So that's your lunch break sorted then!

The Lowdown:

Date: Tuesday 16th February at 12.30 until 14.30

Venue: We have the upstairs room booked at the lovely Aranega - just like last year - which is on Avenida Paral-lel 188. Come out of La Fira, walk down Avenida Paral-lel, and it's on the * left* hand side at number 188 -just over the road from Congress and less than 10 minutes walk.

Agenda and timings:

12.30 Doors will open at for drinks and mingling.
12.50, HipLogic's CEO, Mark Anderson, will give us a short talk on his vision for HipLogic followed by a few questions and some discussion. He wants to know what women like us think of the service and how we might use it.
13.10 - Tapas and more drinks will be served. Lots of chat and networking.
14.45 - Doors close and it's back to Congress we go.

It’s free to attend, but space is limited and because of this, priority will be given to the ladies in our group. If any gentlemen would like to join us, please contact me and I'll be able to confirm any remaining places at the weekend.

Please RSVP to me by email or on Facebook Spaces are limited.

About our sponsor HipLogic

HipLogic Logo

HipLogic Live delivers content from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Sky, Disney, Sports, Weather, newsfeeds and more, through a smartphone-like interface that works is delivers push content notifications to the phonetop without using SMS. This means that they bring the world of applications, widgets, live search and real-time notifications to the mass market without the need to invest in a new smartphone. You just need one, simple, free download. The technology relies on a JavaScript virtual machine running on the device that is connected to the cloud that aggregates information and feeds from network operators and the Web to create mash-ups for use on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android mobile devices. The aim is to provide always-on, fast access and logical presentation of content and applications that can be cumbersome to access through current mobile phone browsers - especially on multimedia-phones.

CEO Mark Anderson describes HipLogic as being an “extreme makeover” for your phone that will deliver an iPhone-like experience to the mass market. And he wants our feedback - that's why he's sponsoring our WiMD lunch. He wants to know what women think about this since we're the ones who are predominantly sold feature-phones and have less time and inclination to explore the world of applications and content - or so we're led to believe. Is this true? Let's find out on Tuesday 16th February.

HipLogic Live is available as a free download from