Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Only for girls?

I know facebook is not known for its fantastic advertising. It really is tedious to be told that you're lonely and old and must be looking for a man if you're a single women of a certain age. Equally the offers for free Uggs, dresses or whatever because you're a specific age are meaningless drivel too. What has age got to do with it?

Anyway, this advert just appeared when I was on facebook just now and it's wound me up so much I'm sharing with the world. Yet another example of lazy marketing, of dumbing down for girls. I know it's an affiliate who has set it up rather than Vodafone. But it's still a Vodafone offer ultimately that the affiliate is using. You can see what it clicks through to here:

So, I'm wondering do boys get offers for blue phones saying 'only for boys'?!

Quite. Thought not.

And the industry wonders why smartphones are still skewed 75% male which impacts on the uptake of mobile apps, mobile web and more sophisticated mobile services....


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