Friday, February 26, 2010

Is the touch web the new black?

Well maybe. It appears that touch friendly mobile websites are more prevalent than mobile applications. Or at least that’s one of the findings from recent research by the lovely folks at mobile search specialist, Taptu. They have done some sterling research into the touch web and they’ve produced a free report which is a *must-read* if mobile is even 10% of your game as it shows us how important touch-friendly sites are amongst smartphone users. And it’s full of lovely stats, facts and figures. And I know how y’all like those.

As a follow on from that report, Peggy Anne Salz is collating research from all and sundry on their thoughts on the touch web and needs your input – deadline today. Yes, I know I’m a bit slow on this one. I’ve been away you know! Anyway, read a summary of the report and find out how to get involved here.