Monday, December 11, 2006

Rok's been busy launching Ansanow

Not only are they doing off-portal mobile telly but they've also just launched Ansanow which is an interesting departure for them I have to say. It's kinda like 82ask or AQA but costs half the price at 50p. You text in your question to 83773 and their system will check if it has been answered before and if not, it will call on a pool of experts to answer the question for you. If you're one of the experts, you get 10p when your answer is used and it's added to the pool of answers. Then each time that answer is used, you get 5p so if you hit on a popular question, then you're [potentially] quids in.

There's been some debate about the relevance of these services with the advent of google and the mobile internet. I suppose the big difference is that 82ask (where you text your question to 82275), at least, has access to a load of paid-for information services that you just don't get access to on google or ansanow for that matter (AFAIK) so you can ask business questions about market share, financial results and so on. It also has a permanent team on the case who do this day in day out and now have solid experience in how to answer a difficult question in a text message. And anyway, if you're in the pub, and desperately need to know something, do you really want to be googling on your phone when you can just do it by text and carry on with your beer and your conversation?

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