Monday, December 04, 2006

Qipit and Shozu team up

I'm just catching up on my email from the last couple of weeks and spotted this nugget from the folks at Shozu. They've teamed up with Qipit which seems like a fantastic service (caveat, I haven't tried it yet myself but it *looks* great).

It's dead simple. You take a picture of your document with a digital camera or a cameraphone, you upload it to Qipit (with one click from your phone now that Shozu is integrated) and it turns the jpg into a user friendly pdf file which is emailed to you and you can share, print, store, whatever.

Sounds like a good way to back up documents electronically to me that didn't come in an electronic format in the first place (insurance, finance, contracts) and also to keep hold of meeting notes from whiteboards and the like. And what's more, the basic service is free.

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