Monday, September 11, 2006

textin iz gud 4 ur lang skilz

Well according to a new study reported in The Guardian it is anyway.

Researchers Beverly Plester and Clare Wood from Coventry University presented the findings of their research on thirty-five 11 year olds to the British Psychological Society's developmental section annual conference in London.

The research team found children use their mobile phones more for sending text messages than for talking. Unsurprisingly, the majority of texts were sent to friends, the research found.

Most text abbreviations were phonetically based, such as "wot" for "what" and combination texts, such as "C U L8r". Many children also used a form of youth code, a casual form of language such as "dat fing", "gonna" or "wanna".

Surprisingly, the children who were better at spelling and writing used the most "textisms".

Mrs Plester said: "So far, our research has suggested that there is no evidence to link a poor ability in standard English to those children who send text messages. In fact, the children who were the best at using 'textisms' were also found to be the better spellers and writers."

Reading teen texts is like reading another language, so I'm not entirely surprised by this research as it suggests good language skills to be able to grasp another language at all, even if it is 'text language'. And it's no bad thing to learn how to abbreviate a message and cut to the chase either. My nieces are a case in point - both very eloquent in English and TextSpeak.

So Lauz, if ur redin this, den dont wori coz ul do wel in ur eng gcse xams nxt yer coz ur so gud @ txtin ;)

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