Monday, September 18, 2006

QR codes are so last year now that we have FP codes ;)

QR codes are as common as muck in Japan by all accounts these days with the average Jo/e using these barcodes to access information about anything and everything on his/her mobile phone.

But it seems that it's not enough and that the humble QR code is a bit too obvious so there's now a way to create an FP code (fine picture barcode) that is embedded in a picture and that it's so well hidden that you'd be hard-pressed to find it with the naked eye courtesy of the team at Fujitsu. Of course your cameraphone can pick it up easily enough which means you have all the easy access and usability benefits of the QR code without it interfering with your creative treatment.

I did hear a rumour that HP was looking at exactly this a year or so ago but I never read anything about it since.

Jan explains more about it here.

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