Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tuesday 25th April is free ice-cream day

In selected scoop shops across the UK -- and around the world -- ice cream lovers can enjoy a free cup or cone of their favourite chunky funky flavour courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.

Free Cone Day started when the original Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont decided to say ‘thank you’ to customers for their support during Ben & Jerry’s first year in business. And they’re still doing it.

Unfortunately, I'll be nowhere near one of the London outlets on Tuesday 25/4/06. But maybe you will be. The London outlets are Leicester Square, Oxford Street, The Tower and The Strand. Have a cone for me!


  1. Where where where???

    I work on the Strand and I haven't seen it - where oh where oh where? My entire office demands to know. Please tell

  2. It's a bit late I'm afraid, but it seems that Ben & Jerry's is at number 456 on the Strand - info here:

    Hope you managed to find it! I was stuck in Chelsea today so was nowhere near a B&J joint :-(

  3. Pants, I missed it. It was in the internet cafe, cleverly disguised! I lived in Chelsea last year and I'm sorry to say that there was a Ben & Jerry's tucked away in a subway near a the Virgin megastore in King's Road. Looks like we both missed out. Curse there icecream!


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