Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chrysalis to launch music download service for mobiles

It seems that the Heart stations, party of the Chrysalis radio group are to offer music downloads using the DAB spectrum as an alternative to using 3G. They've signed a deal with Carphone Warehouse, BT and Virgin Mobile to run a trial before launching commercially next year. Read more about it here over at Brand Republic.

I think this is a really interesting development - especially in terms of pricing as using DAB should bring the price per track down to approx 79p (same as itunes) rather than the high charges the network operators are currently charging for OTA (over the air) downloads. It should also speed up the process.

Thoughts? Will this really happen or is this, realistically, 10 years away?

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  1. Anonymous9:45 am BST

    I always use my mum as a test. She listens to Magic FM on a DAB set in the kitchen. Not in a billion years would she want to use a DAB download service.

    I think she'd have issues getting the concept of 'down loading'.

    I think it's a long, long time away before it gets any consumer traction.


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