Friday, April 07, 2006

Carnival of the Mobilists no 22

Technokitten presents Carnival number 22, a round-up of some of the best blog writing in mobile this week including some newcomers.

Let's start with coverage on mobile marketing, my particular interest. Rude de Waele at m-trends talks about current initiatives in 'mobcasting' including advertising models. Troy Norcross (who I met finally this week at Swedish Beers) asks what will make mobile marketing go and how to address media planners obsession about customer acquisition versus customer relationships. And Ajit Jaokar believes that there's no such thing as a viral marketing expert. Discuss!

Moving on to communities, next we have a great piece from Debi Jones about MyNuMo, a new service which enables you to become the next mobile media mogul. Newcomer, Mike Butcher also leads us to some interesting commentary on mobile communities and how he finally believes they might actually work following on from discussions he had in Sweden a couple of months back.

There's a lot of discussion this week about Mobile Web 2.0 both on and offline. It was MoMoLondon's event topic this week and one of their panellits, Sarah Blow, another newcomer to the Carnival, gives us a good roundup of the evening and the discussions afterwards. Feel free to comment. Continuing this theme, C Enrique Ortiz discusses Ajax on mobile devices and it's importance to the future of Mobile Web 2.0. Well worth a read.

We have some service and product reviews this week. Dennis at Wap Review tells us about Unified Mobility and the customisation service it provides. Martin tells us about ProfiMail and whether or not it's the answer to mobile working without schlepping a laptop around with you. Xen at Xellular Identity explores mobparenting in relation to Walt Disney's latest foray into the mobile market. And over at goobile, the discussion is on Minimo, a new windows mobile browser.

And if that's not enough for you, then check out newcomer Keren from the Mobile Media Show. She give us a round up of Mobile Content in Australia. Everyone's favourite, Carlo Longino over at Mobhappy asks questions around using premium SMS for fundraising. Judy Breck over at Golden Swamp has a great piece on her mobile education vision and last but not least, the Mobile Enterprise Weblog talks about the challenge of addressing the 'channel gap' for enterprise mobility.

Phew. That was the week that was in mobile. Over and out.

Next week's carnival will be over at Wireless Data Newsblog. And if you'd like more information about the carnival and what it's all about, then check out the blurb here.

[photo is from Bexhill Carnival 2004 and is by Dean Thorpe. It's mobile, it's a phone, at a carnival!]


  1. Anonymous3:23 am BST

    Excellent job Techno Kitten!!

  2. Thanks Darla! I enjoyed doing it. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm GMT

    Hi Techno Kitten, I just found this while looking for myself! Just wanted to say thanks for the link and I do have a higher quality version of that picture if you ever want it for anything else.

  4. @dean thorpe
    thanks for the offer - will definitely bear it in mind. It's a great picture!


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