Friday, March 05, 2021


Things I like about lockdown*

Peace and quiet

Little to no FOMO (aka Fear Of Missing Out)

Reduced cost of living

My pal's weekly Zoom quiz. An absolute Godsend and something to look forward to every week.

No pressure to dress up

No pressure to go out

Feel ok about being alone - it's now completely normal to be on one's own.

Not having to see people you don't like any more

A more level playing field for disabled people who can't get out of the house regularly because of their disabilities.

Regular Government sanctioned walks in nature.

Less pollution. I can breathe easier. I have had no asthma symptoms and barely any allergies for a year now.

The simplicity of life. Being able to pay attention to the small things.

Zoom yoga and meditation classes

The 'we're all in this together' feeling (even though we aren't really - see image above)

WhatsApp groups

The internet

Social media

Things I don't like about lockdown

Having no place to go

Fear of other people infecting you

Having to keep your distance

The relentlessness of it all

Not knowing what's going on in the world as all the conversations are virtual. There's no bumping into someone at a networking event or conference.

The ableism of those who can and do take risks. So many people can't take those risks with their health and will be stuck inside when others are frolicking recklessly. That's hard to stomach.

Having no-one to hug or to touch

That flat feeling you get when a Zoom call finishes

Poor quality zoom calls - just get yourself a little webcam like this one that I have and a good light!

The divisiveness and politics of lockdown

People being careless or selfish about what risk they're creating for others

People losing their jobs and homes

Rishi Sunak, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson

So. Much. Death. 

*For some context, dear reader, I'm in lockdown 3 in the UK and riding it out on my own

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