Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mastering Social Media

If you're interested in social media but not sure where to start, then I can recommend starting at the Mastering Social Media seminar next week in London at One Alfred Place.

In this masterclass you’ll get to work with Lloyd Davis, who is one of London’s most popular and experienced social media experts (and also organises the rather fabulous Tuttle Club). He'll help you understand what social media’s about without reverting to geekspeak and how to build rich and productive online relationships using simple tools. You'll also gain some practical experience of creating some social media and get help with applying what you’ve learned to your personal business context.

The day is designed for marketing and communications professionals who want to understand better just how social media and online social networking can work for them. With no more than 9 participants, you’ll be assured of individual attention. Most participants will already have some experience of at least one aspect of social media, but will want to become more comfortable and confident with a wider range of tools. You should bring along an example of a business issue that may be solved by using social media.

It costs £495 + VAT to attend the day and you can book it online right now. Lloyd really knows his stuff so if you want to learn about this stuff too, then go hang out with Lloyd for the day and become your own expert on the topic.