Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bloomin' Marvellous Bloom Festival

As if Glastonbury and the Electric Picnic wasn't enough this year, I've managed to fit in another wee festival in the interim and toddled along to the Bloom Festival with festipal Lisa. Lisa's done a marvellous write-up of the festival with pictures to boot. So I won't go into as much detail here but will give you a little run down of some of the highlights for me.
  • Glorious sunshine - all weekend (well, ok, a little bit of rain overnight a couple of times, but that was refreshing after the heat)
  • No mud - after Glastonbury mud, this was totally ay-may-zing
  • The Whip
  • Crazy P (this was my musical highlight - she was great)
  • Soul II Soul Soundsystem
  • Coldcut Soundsystem
  • Aim
  • Dancing to reggae on Sunday lunchtime to the Trojan Soundsystem
  • Beardyman - the human beatbox
  • Dancing at The Funk Bar - every night - great music, great vibe.
  • Meeting loads of people especially Emily, Hannah and pals, Kate, Carla and the rest of the crew, Circus girl Lou in the White Hat, the man with the blow up hula hoop (that was hilarious fun), the man with the weird kaleidoscope thingummy (v cool), Chris - the man in the nightie, the 3 graduates from Nottingham University, Ella from Chai Wallahs, Crazy P, Nick and Jim (our tent neighbours), Simon and Alan and their useful spanner, and loads more folks whose names I just can't remember! Big up yo'selves.
  • Fancy Dress night dancing at Beats Bubble alongside the dancing zimmer frame and various other creations
  • The Lounge
  • The Burrito Bus and the Choc Star chocolate brownie place
  • And the very friendly security guards who got the tone just right for looking after us all
For a small festival, it punches above its weight and is great value for money and it'll be on my list for next year.


  1. Anonymous11:59 am BST

    crazy p are great

  2. Anonymous2:17 pm BST

    Oooh Beardyman is fantastic - I love that guy's spontaneity and charisma!

    I must've listened to the Tim Shaw clip a hundred times by telling friends to "come over, you've got to hear this guy!"

    Sounds like a great summer, Helen :)


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