Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recycle your rabbit

OK, so this is nothing to do with mobile directly, but it *is* a really smart idea so I wanted to share it. Via NetImperative:
"Adult online retailer is giving consumers new way to dispose of their redundant Rabbit sex toys with the launch of Rabbit Amnesty. After taking the Rabbit Amnesty Pledge, rabbit owners can send their outdated or overused vibrators to and in return receive a half price Rabbit vibrator from the LoveHoney range.

The second-hand toys will then be delivered to a Designated Collection Facility (DCF) where they will be recycled and treated in an ecologically sound manner.

For each rabbit returned through the Rabbit Amnesty Scheme, LoveHoney will also donate £1 to The World Land Trust (WLT) in support of the charity’s tropical forest land purchase and protection projects."
Now why can't more electrical, gadget, electronics retailers do this kind of thing? I've been waiting more than 6 months to find a way to recycle my old computer bits and pieces and despite new legislation around the responsibilities of retailers and manufacturers to aid recycling of these items, I'm still waiting for a response to find out how I should throw away my broken keyboard, mouse and hard drive. And this is just as relevant for mobile folks - old headsets, old batteries, old handsets that aren't good enough for a charity recycling scheme, redundant cables - it's all stuff that shouldn't be going into landfill.

A very smart move from lovehoney - environmentally friendly orgasms!