Monday, January 30, 2006

Text messaging continues to grow

The UK public's fascination for text messaging has not gone away. According to the MDA (Mobile Data Association), the average number of text messages sent daily in December was 100 million. If you consider that the UK population is @ 59m, very small children and people with big thumbs aren't texting, and some people just don't like to text much, that's a lot of text messages per person every day. Note that this figure does not include any commercial messaging - just peer to peer. [If you go to the MDA press room page, you'll see the link for the full press release.]

In the same week that the MDA released its figures, Brand Republic also reports that Virgin Radio is claiming Christian O'Connell's new breakfast show as a huge success after receiving more than 20,000 text messages during the first two hours of yesterday's debut show -- more than the station normally receives in a day.

And with all this text messaging going on, please take heed of the Philippino sign and avoid texting while driving!

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