Friday, January 06, 2006

Mobile Marketing hits Botswana at Yarona FM

It seems that mobile marketing is now a reality in Botswana of all places. Yarona FM, the country's leading radio station, with a core listener aged 16 to 30, is using text messaging to create an interactive radio experience. Services include being able to send in your feedback, listener surveys, quizzes, give-aways, dedications and voting.

The reasons cited for using mobile marketing in this instance seems to be customer engagement, convenience and immediacy. Mr Dumi Lopang, Yarona FM's Station Manager tells us "It allows the radio station to interact more intimately with its listeners and therefore getting value input about things like programming, whilst creating an additional revenue stream for the radio station."

So it seems to me it's about positioning (youth is their target market and they want to be seen as hip and first to market), about marketing (in that they're interested in what their listeners views are) but more importantly I suspect about creating a new revenue stream. The article doesn't tell us which of the services will be premium rate and what that actually means in Botswana. I'd be very interested to know. So if anyone can shed any light on this, please do share it with the readers here.


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